Ordinances & Resolutions


Please Note: The General Code of Ordinances contained herein, are only as current as their updates and are provided for the sole purpose of providing the public with a general overview of the regulatory branch of local government. They are intended for general information and all interpretation should be made by contacting the Town Offices.

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Resolution184-19 Lakes Committee
Resolution 183-19 Land Purchase
Resolution 182-19

Resolution 181-19

Res 179 18   Loan for Fire Dept Equipment - $70,000 Board of Commissioners of Public Lands
Resolution 176-18
Resolution 177-18_0001
Resolution 178-18
Resolution 175-18 Budget Amendment
174-17: Electors to Adopt the Town Levy
173-17: Electors to Exceed the Levy Limits

Resolution 172-17 Town Board to Propose Exceeding the State Levy Limit

Resolution 171-17 Budget Amendment 2017-2
Resolution 170-17 Budget Amendment 2017-01
169-17: Proclamation: May 4, 2017 as International Firefighter’s Day
168-17: Appoint Clerk/Treasurer, if qualified, to Board of Review
Resolution 167-17 Billing of Fire Charges with LifeQuest Service
Resolution 165-17 Conover Volunteer Fire Dept LifeQuest Billing Through Hometown Bank
Resolution 166-17 Recognizing Decades of Service to Retiring Deputy Clerk-Treasurer: James Hedberg
Resolution 164-16 License & Permit Exemption
Resolution 163-16
Resolution 162-16 Budget Amendment 2016-01
Resolution 161-01 Authorizing Purchase of Land
Resolution 160-16 Conover Board of Appeals

Resolution 159-16 Revision of Date of Regular Meetings
Resolution 158-15 Add First Responders to Transport Patients in Ambulance
Resolution 157-15 Revise Local Legal Posting Locations
Resolution 156-15 Department of Natural Resources Grant Buckatabon Lake Association Controlling Invasive Aquatic PlantEurasian Water Milfoil
Resolution155-15 New EMS Service Director Appointment
Resolution154-15 Termination of LGPIF and Obtaining Property Ins. with The Horton Group
Resolution153-15 Stormy Lake Assoc. Boating & Fishing GrantApp.
Resolution151-15 Foreman & Crew Job Desc
Res 150 Chg Pay Date of Salaried Offices
Res 149 Adv Ref 5 Member Board
Res 148 Town Electors Adopt Amended Tax Levy
Res 147 Electors Approve Increase to Tax Levy
Res 146 Increase in Town Tax Levy Approved
Res 144 Sno-Mo Routes
Res 143 Board Meeting Hour
Res 140 Maintain Zoning Administrator
Res 141 Tamarack Lake District
Res 142 Office Appointment
Resolution 136-13 Emergency Culvert Replacement
Resolution 135-12 Up Grading Punch Cards
Resolution 131-12 Special Registration Deputy
Resolution 130-12 County Communications Town (Conover)
Resolution 129-12 State Infrastructure Bank (SIB) Program
Resolution 124-11 Resolution to Support Development of a Multi- Jurisdictional BicyclePedestrian Trail System In Eastern Vilas County
Resolution 123-11 Sponsorship Agreement For the Conover-Phelps Trail – Conover Segment
Resolution 122-10 N S Twin Lake Border Line
Resolution 121-10 Updated Fee Schedule
Resolution 112-09 Adoption Recommendation of Comprehensive Plan (66.1001(4)(b)
Resolution 111-09 Lake Planning Grant – Marshall Lake
Resolution 110-09 Share in Feasibility Study – LVG
Resolution 109-09 Road Name Change
Resolution 108-09 Conditional Use Permit Setback Restriction
Resolution 107-09 Lawler Lake Discontinuance
Resolution 105-09 Opposition to Changes in Wisconsin Prevailing Wage Law
Resolution 104-09 Adoption of a Public Participation Plan (PPP)
Resolution 103-09 Adoption of the Conover Land O Lakes Community Wildfire Protection Plan
Resolution 102-09 Outdoor Recreation Plan
Resolution 97-08 Cost Sharing of Highway G Landfill Expansion
Resolution 90-06 Order Laying Out Highway
Resolution 88-06 NIMS
Resolution 87-06 Zoning Permit Expiration
Ordinance 113-12 Extending Town Officer TermWisAct 115