Eagle Waste Conover Transfer Site

The transfer station will be open normal hours.  However due to the current health crisis, the attendent will remain in his office area.  You may enter and punch your own card.  However you will receive no assistance from the attendent.  Please make sure that you punch your card.  Thanks for your patience and cooperation. 

April 7th Elections UPDATE

Website to apply for an absentee ballot on-line: https://myvote.wi.gov/en-us/

Please make sure that you attach a copy of your ID to your request or submit it to the clerks office.  We will not send out an absentee ballot unless we have a copy of your ID.


Please note the following:

Pursuant to a federal court order issued last night, the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) is working to reactivate the online voter registration functionality of MyVote Wisconsin through March 30, 2020. On Wednesday, March 19, a lawsuit was filed by the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin requesting that several statutory provisions be suspended for the Spring Election due to the impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus. The challenged provisions included the March 18 deadline for online and mail-in voter registration, the requirement to provide a proof of residence document for online and mail-in registration, the photo ID requirement for first-time mail-in absentee voters, and the Election Night deadline for the return of absentee ballots. The Court’s order granted the plaintiffs’ request only regarding the online registration deadline until March 30. It denied the remaining requests, though the Court indicated that the plaintiffs could continue to litigate the issue of late ballot return. WEC staff is attempting to implement the Court’s decision as promptly as possible. This will require developing changes to WisVote and MyVote Wisconsin, testing and then implementing those modifications. As users of these systems, you are aware that this will not be as simple as creating a new online form or flipping a switch. Especially this close to an election, it is important that we ensure that these changes are implemented successfully and that they do not inadvertently impact other functionalities of our systems. 

Due to the fact that they are continuing on-line registration, the clerks office will not be open those original additional hours posted for in office voting, just our normal business hours.  Please contact the clerks office if you need additional help obtaining an absentee ballot