Zoning & Permits




Conover Zoning Office:  Mon – Sat 7:00 a.m. – 8:15 a.m

Afternoons by appointment.

Conover WI  54519-0115
Conover Center – 4665 County Road K East
PO Box 115

Tel/Fax: (715) 479-8688 (when answered, dial  . . . # (pound) 4 4 )
Web: http://www.townofconover.com/


Tel/Fax: (715) 479-8688 (when answered, dial  . . . # (pound) 4 4 )
Cell: (715) 628-1838
Email: [email protected]


Offices at 4665 CTH K East Office hours: Mon-Sat 7am – 825 am.  Special appointments are welcome! Most forms and permit applications are available on this website via the tab at the left. Please read the FAQ’s to get information on everything from Zoning to a ton of other information.

Types of Permits:

  1. Zoning Permit
  2. Driveway Permit
  3. Excavation, Road, Obstruction
  4. Special Use – Mobile Home
  5. Seasonal Weight

Facts and Tips 

  1. Permit applications are available on the web,  via FAX, or pick up in the Conover Center or 24 hours per day in the Chamber Information Center on US Hwy 45 next to Pioneer Creek
  2. Permit applications are accepted via FAX – Check must follow by mail
  3. Applications must have a plat diagram indicating the location of existing structures and improvements – location of well, septic along with indication of distances from water, center of road or highway and lot lines
  4. Zoning permits are now valid for a period of two (2) years as is the Zoning Permit from Vilas County
  5. A Wisconsin Uniform Building Permit is a state requirement on the construction of a new home – contact Rick Clem – RC Inspections Agency (715) 543-2094  Cell (715) 892-2056
  6. Construction or improvement to road accessing your property requires a driveway (excavation) permit
  7. Fire numbers are issued ONLY for properties with a structure on it or one that has an active & valid zoning permit
  8. Fire numbers are billed at cost to the property owner
  9. Other Permit Information Required – Zoning District, Computer Number and Legal Description (ie: Lot 4, NE, SW, Sect 12, T41N, R10E)
  10. You can request a full information packet with necessary application forms via phone or Email for you upcoming project.
  11. Conover’s Zoning permit is the FIRST step in the application process.  If all your “ducks are in a row,” the permit with Conover will take only a few short minutes.  You must have the Town permit in hand before you go for the County or State permit.


New Construction –  Dwelling – Single Family      75.00
                                Dwelling – Multi-Family      80.00
                                Commercial     100.00
Storage Sheds – Pre-Fab Storage Units 240 sf or less      40.00
Garages – Pole Barns – Storage 240 sf or more      60.00
Additions – Alterations – Demolition      50.00
Open Entrances or Porches and Decks      20.00
Maximum Structure Permit Fee     100.00
   Example:  Building Home, deck, garage and
                   storage building, Max Fee for all is $100
Driveway, Culvert, Excavation, Obstruction Permit      25.00

Zoning Permit Application

Print Application and return to the Town with payment enclosed.